Product Previews

With the introduction of the Blocs Store, it’s now even easier for Blocs users to discover exciting third party content that they can use as part of their web design workflow.

We think it’s extremely important that the Blocs Store delivers a premium quality experience for all Blocs users, and that all content listed on the store is functional, secure and well designed. We also encourage developers to deliver this same level of quality to their Blocs Store product listing and preview materials.

Preview Materials

Preview materials can be used to help demonstrate the features, functionality, and even the user interface of your add-on. The Blocs Store lets you add a range of different preview materials to a product listing. The following tips can help you create compelling previews that spark interest and drive downloads of your content.


A product thumbnail is the artwork used in the main product grid (including search result pages). Product thumbnails should be well designed and vibrant in colour scheme. This artwork is what makes a product stand out from the crowd and helps draw in the customer. We recommend using an icon or image that demonstrates the product’s main purpose in a simple and easy to understand way.

Main Preview

The main preview is the artwork that is shown when a product listing is viewed, if possible, it should show the actual product and also illustrate how it works. In order to do this, we highly recommend using separate, larger artwork for the main preview that differs from the product thumbnail.

Getting Featured

When a product is featured by us, it will be listed on the Blocs Store home page and may also be featured in the Blocs newsletter. Featured products are curated by our team and key members of the Blocs community, products are selected based on quality and originality. A big factor in how the message of quality is conveyed, is in the product presentation. If you would like to get featured, this is what we are looking for in your listing.

  • Thumbnail should be vibrant, enticing and well designed.
  • Main preview should show off the product effectively.
  • A good preview URL should be included that effectively displays the product and illustrates its benefits and how it works.
  • Description and product info should be well written and free of typos.