Blocs 3 for Beginners

What’s included:

Agency Template for Blocs 3
Lesson 1. Exploring the UI of Blocs 3
Lesson 2. Exploring the Settings in Blocs 3
Lesson 3. First Steps to Creating a Project
Lesson 4. Adding the Content
Lesson 5. Understanding the Power of Columns
Lesson 6. Adjusting the Typography Settings
Lesson 7. Custom Classes
Lesson 8. Using Columns, Rows, and Brics
Lesson 9. Advanced Styling of Buttons
Lesson 10. Creating Responsive Columns Grids
Lesson 11. Building the Footer
Lesson 12. Reusing Blocs and Brics
Lesson 13. AddingMorePages
Lesson 14. Creating Contact Forms
Lesson 15. Double Checking Everything
Lesson 16. Exporting and Publishing Our Website

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Mark Casebeer

This course is a great way to start learning Blocs 3 (the right way). If you watched the free beginners class, this course is a must. Eldar shows the fundamentals of setting up a multi-page website. Blocs 3 for beginners will start setting your path to really learn Blocs 3. Mark

Eldar Gezalov

Thank you for your review! :)

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 11th April 2019
  • Bootstrap 4
  • 11th April 2019
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Eldar Gezalov

Premium Blocs Developer