Card Designer

The sophisticated card ui maker for Blocs.

It’s a mashup of image editor, slideshow and card interface. There is no better way to make a card UI in Blocs!

Put some respect on those web assets.

Card Designer has grown to become one of the most popular custom brics for Blocs. It’s so robust and feature rich it’s used for everything from product cards to hero sliders. It makes quick work of complex problems you might face design cards with these features.

Card Designer

These cards are extremely clickable.

Blocs is great for making a card UI out of the box, but if you need to:

Design these assets more than once
  • Try many design choices to see what fit’s best
  • Apply images and text treatments in one convenient UI
  • Create new beautiful CTA’s frequently as content updates
  • Impress clients with new intriguing layout capabilities.

…then Card Designer might be a good fit!

Card Designer

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Frank Bonomo 2/7/2022

A+++++ Bloc. A must have. Downloaded this, and was able to achieve so many neat and tidy compositions of text and image. Just what I needed to get past some design challenges, and move forward with a clean and inspiring looking page design.

Jay 28/2/2022

The card designer is nice but I noticed that it is not responsive when viewed on a smaller screen (mobile). It looks good on desktop. When viewed from mobile, the card becomes elongated and it does not display the entire text. I hope the developer can update this bric.

Whittfield 01/03/22

We have several responsive features, look at the many videos on the subject.

Zdeněk Sladký 19/2/2022

Hi Whittfield can't change text size. How do I do it? Thanks Zdenek Blocs v4.4.2

Whittfield 01/03/22

Please see the documentation, it's straight forward to do so. Also there are many videos on the topic as well.

Zdeněk Sladký 19/2/2022

Ahoj Whittfield nejde měni velikost textu. Jak to porvedu. Diky Zdenek Blocs v4.4.2

Joanna Gruca - Rive 7/7/2021

hello Wittfield, I do have a problem with ScrollTo, I've tried to type block ID with or without# but it does not work. Is there an other way to get it work, sth that I missed maybe? thanks a lot for your help joanna

Whittfield 01/03/22

Did you resolve this? It should be very easy to change the font size.

Angelo 9/3/2021

Is it compatible with Wordpress content?

Whittfield 10/03/21

No, the bric does not install into Wordpress, it's for use with Blocs. If your project uses Card Designer and you make a Wordpress theme from it, the published card will continue to work.

Armando 1/3/2021

Really Great Brics!. Hi Wittfield, where can I download the updates?. at the Gumroad store I just cant se the same I got.

Whittfield 10/03/21

Hi Armando, Did you ever get this sorted out? I think you got caught in my spam filter. I'm happy to help if you haven't sorted out yet. Drop by the Blocs forum if you need an assist.

Joanna Gruca - Rive 11/12/2020

Hello, I've got your brick yesterday, seems great, although with block4 I can not ajuste the text size, am I missing sth? Thanks a lot, Joanna

Whittfield 11/12/20

Hi Joanna, Thanks for the support! Under the "Typography" section you can change the Title size and optionally some responsive settings. You can "bump" the size of other elements as well. The idea here is that Card Designer imposes only enough rules to ensure your content can fit at different column widths (especially narrow), and that the hovercard feature which mixes title, subtitle, caption and button and spacing. is useable within a wide range of column widths. Hope this helps!

Gianni 22/3/2020

Great extension!! Very well made and powerful! I appreciate how clear the instructions are so I don't have to fuzz around trying to understand how the many options work! Thanks a lot

Ian 8/8/2019

I'd strongly recommend people go to your Developers Site as the Blocs Store page doesn't reflect the beauty of what you have created. One question please... can the cards 'flip' to show the reverse?

Whittfield 25/10/19

Thank you Ian for your kind words!

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 1st July 2019
  • Bootstrap 5
  • 15th November 2023
  • 1.6.1
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