DeSpam provides easy setup of cutting-edge spambot blocking capabilities for your Blocs email forms and a large selection of styling controls.

• Simple one-step drag & drop solution – stop forcing visitors to click on multiple images to submit a form
• Works with the built-in form for easy setup
• No messing with any secret keys
• Full styling controls for all buttons
• No more Google tracking what your site visitors are doing on the page – great for automatically complying w/ the various EU privacy laws as everything is on your site
• Solution shape is random – thus the shape is never known & can’t be guessed
• Provides UI animated prompts when an incorrect selection is made & resets to the proper solution shape
• Provides additional ‘honeytrap’ protection from bots that attempt to submit
• Can be used in a global area
• Saves form input values on page reload
• Can be used on multiple pages
• Works in Bootstrap 4 & 5 frameworks
• Works in Blocs 4 & 5

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Tom Bad 17/4/2023

Works great and without any tracking. makes more fun for your web page visitor than the annoying reCaptcha.

KBConcepts 17/2/2023

Do you need verification for your Forms, look no further. This will help put an end to fake messages or request! No need for any API key. Love the Bric! As far as I know DeSpam is the only bric available for Blocs.

Bootsie 5/2/2023

Works great and good support.

Paul 30/1/2023

Love it! Works awesome, very clean and no need for the complications of the awful reCaptcha. Thank you. :-)

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Product details

  • Blocs 4 Minimum
  • 19th January 2023
  • Bootstrap 4 & 5
  • PHP 7.4 Minimum
  • 22nd January 2024
  • 1.2.3
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