Mastering Blocs 3

What’s included:

Blocs 3 Tutorials

Getting Started with Blocs 3 – 8 videos
Blocs 3 for Beginners – 16 videos
Blocs 3 Monthly Updates – 51 videos (over 100 to be added for free)

Blocs 2 Tutorials

Getting Started with Blocs 2 – 14 videos
Building a Website in Blocs 2 – 24 videos
Blocs 2 Core Training – 82 videos

Monthly Update Notes:

December ’18

Basics – Keyboard Shortcuts
Basics – Breakpoints Basics
Basics – Column Width and Offset Controls
Basics – Element Structure in Blocs
Basics – Custom Class Basics
Basics – Freehand Classes
Basics – Preparing Images for Blocs
Basics – Managing Project Assets

January ’19

January Update Summary
Creating a Timeline in Blocs 3 – Explanation
Creating a Timeline in Blocs 3 – Instructions
Creating a Timeline in Blocs 3 – Custom Bloc
Buttons – Default Button Styles
Buttons – Advanced Editing of Default Button Styles
Buttons – Creating Custom Button Styles
Buttons – Adding Custom Effects to Buttons
Buttons – Creating Gradient Background Buttons
Buttons – Creating Buttons with Icons
Buttons – Adjusting Scroll to Top Button
Buttons – Adjusting Style of Dropdown Buttons
Buttons – Creating Social Icons Using a Button Bric
Buttons – Adding Hover Effects to Images Using a Button Bric

February ’19

February Update Summary
Recreating Apple’s Website – Parallax
Recreating Apple’s Website – Tabbed Content
Recreating Apple’s Website – Macintosh Template
Columns – Adjusting the Width of Columns
Columns – Adjusting the Position of Columns
Columns – Adjusting the Order of Columns
Columns – Adjusting the Vertical Alignment of Columns
Columns – Creating a Sidebar Using Columns
Columns – Grouping Multiple Elements Using Columns
Columns – Aligning Multiple Elements Using Columns
Columns – Hiding Multiple Elements Using Columns

Columns – Adjusting the Style of Columns
Columns – Adjusting the Margin and Padding of Columns

March ’19

Classes – Dimensions
Classes – Padding & Margin
Classes – Position
Classes – Background
Classes – Border
Classes – Typography
Classes – Shadow
Classes – Appearance (Opacity)
Classes – Standard, Hover, and Active States
Classes – Subclass Library
Classes – Bootstrap 4 Classes
Classes – Using Inspector to Find Classes
Classes – Improvisation

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