Create private membership sites with user management for Blocs app.

(Project and Brics for Blocs app)

Membership sites, registration and logins, all without a database.

* Users can register, login, logout and change their password
* Muti users and multi passwords
* Fast, works with SSL pages and secure
* No database required – no installation needed – just upload and easy to transfer and move
* Delete users by easily deleting their name card off the server
* Personalised welcome message to users
* Translate all text strings
* Change password feature – create a “my account” page
* Hashed passwords with latest tech (salt and hash) so as secure as can be
* Lock multiple pages
Just upload and go!



Jeroen Kotterlink 18/2/2021

Hello, it is not possible to buy this Members bric by clicking on the "Buy Members" button. Message "Unable to take payment" appears. When you go to site blocs bakery, you also get an error. Is mr Frankland still alive?

ARES LLC 31/7/2020

Please Contact me to answer question regarding setup. Thank you.

Kiyotoshi Sato 30/5/2020

I have a question. It says, "No database required," but can I still deal with database myself? And we can set up membership system on not only app, but also Website?

Ardha 24/4/2020

Hello, I did not receive the file after I paid. Can you help me ? My order ID is 0060235908. Thanks

alex saunders 8/12/2019

I would not recommend this - the files do not work and you do not get a reply from the developer to assist you. ive wasted £98 when i purchased two of these.

Blocs Bakery 09/02/20

Hello, This is Tim is everything working fine now ? just wanted to follow up after we talked.

Ladislav Vydra 8/5/2019

This function/add-on or whatever you would like to call it is AWESOME feature. You can actually use it as an ultra safe feature to lockdown specific pages or whole website for your client. In nutshell it provides a lock-down without any backend, therefore it is very safe. We have tested it and if there is no intrusion on your ftp/webhosting as itself, no one can actually hack this. I will provide detailed manual here how to do it later on, or you can go to the developers website where I have written full manual how to use this. RECOMMENDED 100% if you need this function.

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 6th April 2019
  • 31st January 2020
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