Scroll FX Extras

Scroll FX Extras

Blocs animation is a great feature. Scroll FX Extras is meant to give you additional animations and more control of where and when they happen. This can be a super simple way to quickly get consistent effects across an entire page or site.

Key Features:
  1. Set animations in bulk. Set new animations and make adjustments for an entire page or site.
  2. More control over animation behavior: position, duration, delay, offset, mirror
  3. Trigger scroll animations based on the position of another element.
  4. Ability to disable for phone, tablet or both.
  5. Use any selector you want: .class, #ID, tag
  6. Categories for animations include: fades, flips, slides, zooms

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Marco Inward 20/5/2019

Needing some support on this bric, but the support link doesn't work, nor does the twitter link. Please assist?

Whittfield 01/06/19

Hi Marco, Sorry, but comments here are going into spam so they aren't reaching me quickly. I'm working on a better support tool. I have not used October CMS. but there's no particular reason it wouldn't work. especially if other custom brics are working. Do you have a url where I can see what's not working? Is the JS being included on your page when you view in browser? What other custom brics have you tried that are working with October CMS? and can I get the URL for those. I don't think there's anything I need to do to support October CMS specifically, but if there is I'll try to add it.

Marco Inward 14/5/2019

Hey Whittfield, Love the bric, works like a charm. I just have a problem when exporting to OctoberCMS. It's the only js I seem to have trouble getting to work. Any advice on this?

Marco 3/5/2019

no clue whats wrong here. I cannot use my $ wallets in paypal, and it supposely wants to use my bank account. but it is not sending you the final order. Don't you have a or a direct link to paypal for buying your product? and so you send it to me throught email?

Marco 30/4/2019

hey Whittfield, I wanted to buy, seems i did all right on gumroad with paypal ...but nothing happen in the end ??

Whittfield 02/05/19

Hi Marco, sorry but emails from this store are going to spam folder. I don't see that a purchase went through. I haven't seen an issue before, possibly try a different pay option?

koci hernandez 17/4/2019

agreed, let's see! sounds great, ready to buy, but would love to see before to make sure it's a good fit for my project ,:) thanks for your great work!

Whittfield 18/04/19

Thanks for your comment! I have more information and a couple of short demo videos here: Also click the "Buy" button and you'll be taken to my Gumroad page with FAQ's, additional information before you make the purchase.

Aaron 15/4/2019

Will be great to see videos or gifs of the features

Whittfield 18/04/19

Thanks for your interest, you'll find more info and short video here:

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 11th April 2019
  • Bootstrap 4
  • 2nd December 2021
  • 2.0
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