Smart Nav

Give you website’s navigation a classy upgrade.

Smart Nav gives you great control over your navigation bar in Blocs. It’s adds some flavor to even the simplest page. Use it for entire sites or landing pages. Smart Nav has many advanced options for navigation behavior.

Adding Smart Nav to your site is an easy way to make your site look and feel more professional while giving your visitors some real usability enhancements.

Smart Nav’s behaviors include:
  • Scroll Reveal

    Navigation bar hides when the user scrolls down and reveals itself when user scrolls up using a smooth animation.

  • Hover Intent

    When the nav bar is hidden and a user’s mouse approaches the top of the browser, the nav bar reveals itself.

  • Dynamic Transparency

    Nav becomes transparent as it overlaps hero and returns to normal (based on your settings) when it’s not.

  • Shrinking Nav and Logo

    When the user scrolls down, you can shrink either the nav bar, the logo or both. When the user scrolls up things return to their larger sizes. The extension includes separate settings for the Min and Max sizes of both text portion and image portion of the logo since Blocs supports this.

  • Alternate Link Colors

    Choose alternate link color when the navigation overlaps the Hero. Works great combined with the dynamic transparency setting.

  • Spacing and Padding

    Convenient options for spacing of the top level menu items.

  • Mobile padding, logo and logo text

    Separate settings for mobile.

  • Mobile breakpoints

    Set when the responsive size options kick in.



Marc 1/3/2024

Logo and menu aren't scaling, regardless of original size. Anyone else experiencing this?

Andrej Kulakowski 17/11/2023

Hi Winfried, the maximum width of the logo is limited to 200px, which is very unfortunate. I also see no compelling reason why this is so. It would be great if you would give up this limitation.

Pat 30/10/2021

Great extension. Great developper.

Whittfield 26/11/21

Thank you for the kind words!

Mattheus 30/10/2021

Great little bric, easy to use! Love it!

Whittfield 26/11/21

I really appreciate your support!

Product details

  • Blocs 4 Minimum
  • 5th September 2021
  • Bootstrap 4 & 5
  • 15th November 2023
  • 1.5
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