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This tool can really help take your Blocs website to the next level. Tab Anything is a special button-group that behaves like tabs or even a slider. It’s designer friendly, allowing you to style the button group as pagination dots, labels or even images.

Tab Anything Docs
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Tab Anything is very designer-friendly. It supports vertical orientation, slide and fade transitions, an optional responsive mobile dropdown button and more. Tab Anything supports both vertical and horizontal orientation. You can “tab” or cycle through literally anything, including entire blocs sections themselves!

Getting Started

It as easy as assigning a class to the target elements you want as tabs. The naming convention for the classes is simple and it’s documented right inside the UI.

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Use Cases
  • Elaborate hero sliders with columns and other brics. Anything is possible!
  • Alternate product viewers.
  • Powerful methods of

  • Unique mixed media galleries

  • Anywhere traditional tabs might apply

Key Features
  • Horizontal, vertical, and new* rotated label orientations

  • New* Filter-Mode reserves the first tab to display content of all tabs.
  • Optional dropdown at smaller screen widths

  • Choose from Text, Bullets, Bars, Images or Images w/ Text as navigation style
  • Generous additional control over tab styles.

  • Directional slide & fade transitions for the target elements

  • Keyboard support and other accessibility features
  • Unlimited button groups per page
  • Visual indicators for target elements on Blocs canvas
  • Up to 25 “tabs” per instance

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Leah OShell 5/11/2021

I purchased the pro version of this and I am very satisfied with it. A nice tool for rapidly mapping out interface elements quickly, and the integration with blocs is very well done. Kudos! 10 out of 10, definitely recommend.

Edmund Cichocki 6/12/2020

Mine doesnt look like the one in the video. I have a Tabs section and a Layout section but the buttons label is not in either of those sections. In the Tabs section I have items is that now the buttons area?

Whittfield 07/12/20

Hi, Tab Anything 1.2 I added significant upgrades, so things are a bit different from the video right now. Join the thread in the Blocs forum and add a mention for @blochead_dev I can help you better and others can benefit from our discussion.

Edmund Cichocki 27/11/2020

Like I said AWESOME nice work Whittfield!! I'm buying it.

Edmund Cichocki 27/11/2020

This looks awesome, can you tell me how many tabs can you person have? Can there be more then three?

Whittfield 27/11/20

Hi Edmund, Tab Anything supports up to 25 tabs per instance.

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 21st October 2020
  • Bootstrap 4 & 5
  • 15th November 2023
  • 1.6.1
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