Continuously responsive text with Textbloc

This bric makes your site’s text continuously responsive. You now have continuous responsive text in Blocs app without the need to edit code.

This version has improved usability, improved stability and now TextBloc is stackable. Use on as many targets as you need. Also help notices and tool tips throughout make it easier to use than previous versions.

Things to consider when using TextBloc:

The min and max font-size is the simplest concept to understand. The minimum size the text will be and the largest size it will be.

Can I target more than one element?

Yes, The bric is stackable, meaning you can have unlimited number of targets. You can also include multiple elements in each field, separated by commas. Also you can target a row or div and all text within that container will be resized.

The min-width and max-width setting (advanced):

The width is calculated from the parent container or the element itself. NOT from the width of the browser. This is important to understand. If the column is not full width across the screen you’ll likely need to adjust the min-width and max-width to be within a range of how wide that column appears.

See documentation here (pdf)

Visit this topic in the Blocs community forum.

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Gary Vey 4/3/2022

hey Whittfield, how about some documentation? The PDF that's linked is for another product.

Whittfield 04/03/22

Sorry about that, I've updated the link just now.

Savvas S. 27/11/2021

Hello, I can also confirm that the documentation link is the wrong one, I have just bought the bric. It would be nice to get the proper PDF manual soon.

Whittfield 04/03/22

Sorry about that, I've updated the link just now.

Armando 12/2/2021

Hi, Whittfield, The documentation link is wrong, is pointing to Tab anything documentation (tab_anything_docs.pdf)

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 20th October 2020
  • Bootstrap 4
  • 4th March 2022
  • 2.1
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