Volt CMS

Electrify your website and make it online editable

Volt CMS allows you to define editable content regions in Blocs, which you are able to edit online. No additional installation steps outside of Blocs required.



Gregory Mandley 22/6/2021

If you are rating by stars, at least 10! I am new to Blocs and the more I learn the more I like it. My HTML skills are rusty and I was looking for a user friendly way to update my website. Volt added even more options. I especially liked that I could host it on the same server that I have been using for years. I did not have to pay someone else to manage my CMS. I was able to update one site with Blocs. But I had a problem getting the Volt Blog to work on a subdomain. I knew it had to be something I was missing. So I contacted Volt Support. Jannis replied promptly, gave me good advice/directions and I got the login to work, but not the Blog. There was a problem at my Hosting server, not with the Volt Blog. It took about two weeks of conversations with my Hosting Server’s Help Desk. Along the way, Jannis promptly answered all my e-mails. He gave me the right terms and questions to ask the Hosting Server’s Help Desk. Jannis could not fix the Hosting Setup. The setup at my Hosting server was uniques. That prevented Jannis from fixing the problem from his side. I asked Jannis if it was possible for him to send me a small amount of programming code or rewritten files so that I could use to get the Volt Blog to work in my uniques Hosting environment. HE DID!!!! He sent me a Volt Blog Custom bric and 2 additional custom .bex files. Jannis was friendly, helpful, prompt and knowledgable. I highly recommend using Volt. Thank you Jannis!

BlocsAddons 22/06/21

Thank you Gregory for your review. I am glad that you are able now to use Volt CMS on your server. Best regards Jannis

Mark Beaudry 31/12/2020

Is Volt CMS compatible with Blocs 4?

BlocsAddons 31/12/20

Hi Mark, yes it is compatible with Blocs 3 and Blocs 4.

BlocsAddons 19/10/2020

The main currency of this add-on is Euro, if you purchase from a country with US Dollars, you will be charged accordingly.

Derek Green 18/8/2020

This is the CMS that I have been searching almost two years for! Easy to integrate into a Blocs site, and with an intuitive in-browser interface that is simple for clients to understand and use. The recently introduced blog module is most excellent too. Since purchasing Volt CMS I have incorporated it into four client sites, and it has become my de facto content management system of choice.

BlocsAddons 19/10/20

Thanks Derek!

Ashley Smith 9/1/2020

Excellent integration with Blocs and easy to set up, plus no need to create a database on the server, so installs are painless. It follows the styling set through project settings inside Blocs for a consistent look across the website. You can also apply custom classes inside Blocs that are then available inside Volt for more bespoke styling. This is really the sweet spot for most Blocs users, being able to build a site in Blocs, edit in a web browser and see the results inside Blocs when previewed.

BlocsAddons 19/10/20

Thanks Ashley!

Sandy 19/12/2019

I Bought Volt CMS for Blocs and I am a very satisfied user, easy setup and the client side is simple to use as well. A perfect integration with Blocs if your client wants some text adjustment or pictures upload. The integration in normal Blocs project is a peace of cake.

BlocsAddons 19/10/20

Thanks Sandy!

Product details

  • Blocs 5 Minimum
  • 27th November 2019
  • Bootstrap 5
  • PHP 8 Minimum
  • 25th January 2023
  • 1.9
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