Image Comparison

Display a before and after image comparison on your Blocs site with ease, using this handy little Bric.



Victor Boronat 18/2/2021

Fantastic Bric! There is only one problem, if you put a .png files appears both images at same time... It would be great to correct this feature. Thanks!!

stephane Daudet 7/10/2019

Hi could you explain because it is don't work for me. i can slide the separator but there is an other one stay in the middle .. THX

osx59 1/5/2019

Thank you for this. Could you just add options with the separator: left, center or right? (at launch)

sovushik 11/4/2019

Thx for this amazing bloc

Mark Casebeer 11/4/2019

Wow, this will be very helpful on my blog. It's a feature you see across the web, now we have it in Blocs! Yes, Blocs Rocks

MrZaKaRiA 11/4/2019

this is a very cool handy Bric

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 1st April 2019
  • Bootstrap 4
  • 13th May 2021
  • 1.0.2
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