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Dive into excitement with four of our superb Brics for BlocsApp!

👉 Pagelingo Website Translation Simplified

Bridge language barriers and give a warm, personalized welcome to every visitor in their mother tongue. Integrated seamlessly with Google Translate, Pagelingo brings the world’s languages – over 130 of them – right to your Blocs Website.

Time is precious! Why waste it creating multi-language sites manually? With Pagelingo, it’s like having a 24/7 translator, ready to make your content globally resonant.

Think top-notch solutions come with hefty price tags? Think again! Adding Pagelingo is as light on the pocket as buying a Flat White with a chocolate chip cookie 🍪!

Want control? You got it! Keep certain terms untouched with easy exclusions using the ‘.notranslate’ class or the ‘translate=”no”‘ HTML attribute. Plus, there’s a super handy ‘exclude a full page’ Bric to conveniently have a full page not translated at all, granting you even greater control over your site’s content.

👉 Linkify – Turn SVG icons into dynamic web elements!

Transform SVG Icons Effortlessly with Linkify: Turn any SVG icon into a dynamic link or button with unprecedented ease. Prior to Linkify, achieving this required extensive manual coding – a task that was nearly impossible for many. Designed for the Blocs App Bric, Linkify eliminates this complexity, offering a streamlined, code-free solution for web developers eager to enhance their site’s performance and user interaction.

Discover the Difference: In the world of web design, not all elements are created equal. Linkify distinguishes between buttons and links, offering unique functionalities for each. Whether it’s a clickable button or a sleek hyperlink, Linkify ensures that each element performs its role flawlessly while maintaining your site’s aesthetic integrity.

Customize with Ease: Dive into a world of customization where your SVG icons are transformed according to your vision. Adjust size, viewbox, and color within the SVG itself. Linkify’s intuitive design tools put you in the driver’s seat, ensuring that every element aligns perfectly with your design ethos.

Versatile Linking, Unmatched Smoothness: Linkify goes beyond mere functionality. Connect your buttons to internal pages or external sites with unparalleled ease. Our ‘Scroll to Target’ feature, powers the smooooooothest scrolling experience you have ever seen in Blocs, making navigation a delight for your users.

Prioritizing Accessibility and Performance: Linkify is not just about visual appeal; it’s about inclusivity. Add aria labels for enhanced accessibility, and choose from new tab openings or no-follow options to tailor user experience. Boost your GTMetrix and Lighthouse scores, ensuring your website isn’t just beautiful, but also powerful.

👉 ZoomPro, Your magnifying solution

ZoomPro is an essential image magnification tool for images on your website.

Step into the future with ZoomPro, the NoCode solution that is redefining user-friendliness and taking flexibility to unprecedented heights! Picture this: a magnifying glass meticulously crafted to meet your distinct needs and harmoniously integrate with your website’s aesthetic. ZoomPro hands you the power to do just that, and more!

But we didn’t stop there. We understand that ‘one size fits all’ is a thing of the past. That’s why with ZoomPro, you have the freedom to choose your desired magnification strength, giving you a tailor-made user experience that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Dive into a world of unparalleled customization and elevate your user experience to stratospheric levels. Choose ZoomPro, where your vision meets our innovation. Discover the future, discover ZoomPro!”

👉 ChatPosh – Turn Forms into Fashionable Chats

Are you tired of static, lifeless forms that just sit on your website, doing nothing more than collecting dust and maybe an occasional email? Transform your digital experience with ChatPosh—the groundbreaking Bric that turns any mundane form on your website into vibrant WhatsApp conversations.

🎯 The Game-Changer: Turns any form on your website into a WhatsApp message

💡 What Sets ChatPosh Apart?

Immediate Gratification: No more waiting! Engage clients in real-time, and watch your customer satisfaction ratings soar.

Freedom to Roam: Unchain yourself from your desk. With ChatPosh, your business goes wherever you go.

Unlock Sales: Every inquiry becomes a hot lead that you can convert instantly. Stop leaving money on the table!

🛒 Act Now!

Time is of the essence. Adopt ChatPosh today and elevate your business communication to the next level.

Upgrade your communication, upgrade your business. ChatPosh is the future, today.

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  • Blocs 5 Minimum
  • 31st March 2024
  • Bootstrap 5
  • 31st March 2024
  • 1.0.0
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