Image Overlay

Leave a lasting impression with this super cool image overlay Bric. Set the text values, button url, overlay reveal animation style and more.



128k 22/2/2021

Well done to make faster, nice-looking cards. Also would love to have more option such as opacity, background-color (easy to make with custom classes) and above all, an icon as button :-)

Angelo Mario Migliavacca 25/9/2020

It doesn't work with masonry. How should I do?

Jorge Dinis 8/4/2020

When I move the mouse over the image, is it possible to show another image or will only text appear?

Josip Modli 1/6/2019

Works as advertised, but it would be great to have some options so it doesn't look generic: - define background opacity and color - font size of title and description - toggle button on/off - adjust alignment of text Thanks.

Robin Mair 12/4/2019

This is incredibly handy but how does one set it up so that there is NO button, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to not have the button?

Peter Jamieson 12/4/2019

I bought this but I really waned the option of having some text or a title on the image before the rollover.

Product details

  • Blocs 3 Minimum
  • 22nd March 2019
  • Bootstrap 4
  • 1st December 2020
  • 1.0.0
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